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Exiting news!


Spring is coming, so we decided it's time for a change.




Eva&Cecylia will be called The Dora's from now on.


Have a great springtime!

We would love to share our excitement of the new project! Together with two wonderful artists Margherita Bergamo and Jordi Ribot Thunnisen we are preparing the setting for some dreams to take place...

The cocoon of this project is slowly opening and it feels very rewarding . Thank you Margherita and Jordi!







Thank you Jennifer van Fabelhaft for the fantastic magical forest memories!








The past weeks were exciting for us, working on our new set. Showing it to the world, in Luxembourg and Amsterdam, was definitely great fun! You can listen to our tracks "The Girl" and "Up in the woods" (Bon Iver cover) on soundcloud, where more recordings will follow soon!
Want to reach out to us (in Dutch, English or Polish)? Use our contact form to write us and we will happily get in touch with you! Eva&Cecylia